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This game is still underdevelopment and in very early production? So why is there a price. I want a way to share the file with testers and lots of rpgmaker games and demos are being hacked and stolen from various other sites.  think of it as piracy prevention. Please do not buy!

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In OatU you play as The Undying, a skilled warrior tricked into an oath by one of the 7 Gods "The Darkfather". Imprisoned by the cruel God to spend many millennia with nothing but a single corpse for company in Undying Temple, buried far beneath Undying Rise, your only release from the isolation is when called forth to serve The Lord of Steinnheimr.

Having lived through many ages and carried out the word of many Lords, the Undying fights not just to fulfill his oath but to fight the growing madness inside and trying to keep hold of what little memory he has of his past.

After many thousands of years in the isolated mountain temple, just when The Undying was starting to believe he was forgotten and would never see sunlight again, the bells ring once more for his service. 

The Undying has been called forward to serve the Lord of Steinnheimr yet again, like many times before the lingering question is shall he serve a benevolent or tyrannical throne? He WILL carry out his oath regardless.


Buy Now$9,000.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $9,000 USD. You will get access to the following files:

OhYouAlpha0.2.7z 764 MB

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The $9000 was a bit steep, but worth it. 

Great price :D

Its to prevent anyone from accidentally purchasing while its under construction.  the finished version will be 9000 times cheaper lol.

Hi dude. its me from YT live ... Looking forward to your first rls ;)

Sorry about the huge delay, real life fecked me over a bit.  I can send you demo link now if you like.